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Natural Balance

Natural Balance

With agricultural practices responsible for up to 25% of all carbon emissions, we will join forces with the Government and landed estates to lead in the concept of ‘natural capital’.

This is a new model of valuing our natural capital; an innovative way to attribute the benefits of good air, water, soil, woodland, green spaces and biodiversity to the total ecosystem, and so to generate new income streams and promote the best long-term decisions.

We want to be the first generation to truly leave this land in a better state than it was found.

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High Park

High Park is recognised as one of the most biodiverse locations in the UK and is a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI). It has always been home to thousands of rare species, including many so rare they have no English name, only their scientific Latin name.

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Ancient Oaks

Our ancient oak woodland within High Park has the largest collection of ancient oaks in Europe. Around 90% of the woodland comprises of oaks and at least 60 of these oaks date back to the Middle Ages.

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Our Estate has a rich mix of flora which means it is a haven for pollinators, including a rare type of honey bee, once thought to be extinct in the United Kingdom. In recent studies over 50 colonies of the rare type of bee have been found around the Estate, primarily living in our ancient oaks.

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Wildlife Management

Across our Estate we ensure wildlife is managed in such a way that predatory species do not disrupt the unique biodiversity of the land and impact the smooth running of the farm by destroying grazing areas. Wildlife management includes species conservation, translocations and habitat protection.

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