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Blenheim Art Foundation

Blenheim Art Foundation was founded in 2014 with the opening of the inaugural exhibition, Ai Weiwei.

This marked the beginning of an entirely new initiative at Blenheim, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience the work of international contemporary artists through a series of exhibitions held within the historic setting of the Palace and its celebrated grounds.

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to challenge convention, breaking away from the “white cube” aesthetic that has become synonymous with the presentation of contemporary art.

Blenheim Art Foundation seeks to show artists most relevant to our time and looks to those who question conventional thinking in contemporary art. The fundamental ambition of the Blenheim Art Foundation is to challenge, engage, and excite the visitors at Blenheim, where the programme is continually evolving.

The Foundation was established by Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill; brother of the 12th Duke of Marlborough. A dedicated collector of contemporary art, Lord Edward has long-held the ambition to launch a contemporary art programme at Blenheim.

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