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Illuminated Light Trail

20th November 2020 - 3rd January 2021

There are bright lights for winter nights...

2020 brings us new surpises from the Heart of the Stars scattering shards of light across the lawn to a scented fire garden that adorns the Water Terrace. Walk towards dynamic, colour-changing neon tunnels, lakeside reflections and onto a mesmerising place where, beneath the branches of a sprawling tree, softly glows the fairy-fire known as Will-o-the-Wisps.

Buy tickets FAQs

We regret to inform you that the Palace will not be dressed in a theme and the market is unable to proceed. However, we can confirm both will be back for Christmas 2021 where you will be able to see The Story of The Nutcracker adorn the Palace. Rest assured you will still be able to access the Palace this Christmas for a historical tour.

Event Information

Off-Peak Days: 20th, 22nd, 26th November, 2nd, 7th - 9th, 14th - 15th December / Closed on 23rd - 25th, 30th November, 1st & 25th December.
  • Date 20th November 2020 - 3rd January 2021
  • Parking Free before 12.00, £10.00 thereafter (must be pre booked)
  • Annual Pass Discount for Annual Pass
  • Dogs No dogs permitted at this event

The magic is back!

The magic is back!