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Combatting Climate Change

Combatting Climate Change

In 2017, we made a five-year pledge to become a net generator of green energy. We are working towards this through significant energy savings by converting to electric cars and LED lighting, and insulating roofs across the Estate. We have also focused efforts on green renewable energy projects including biomass, solar and hydro power.

We are making a new climate pledge.

We pledge that by 2027, we will become carbon neutral on scopes 1-3 of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol across all operations by 2027 and, beyond that, to remove 230,000 tonnes CO2e from the atmosphere by 2050.

It is our commitment that we will focus on reducing our carbon emissions across all business areas with our partners and suppliers as much as possible and that means changing how we deliver and operate in the coming years. Our challenge, as many businesses will face, is that we also need to generate income to survive and protect our magnificent place and the good we do for the economy. At some points we will therefore have to off-set our carbon. We will keep sharing our journey.

Dominic Hare, Blenheim CEO

Large Solar Project

As a landed Estate we are uniquely positioned to take positive action in protecting future generations. We believe a Nationally Significant proposal for solar, led by Photovolt Development Partners will help to safeguard this area and support global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. Please visit www.botleywest.co.uk to share your views and find out more. To read further about why we are supporting this proposal click the button below.

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Solar Panels

As a part of our five-year pledge to become greener and combat climate change, over the past 12 months we have produced enough renewable energy to power 274 houses for a year. On top of this, we have also been able to accomplish the below as a part of our green journey.

LED lights: Over 2,000 lightbulbs and light fittings in the Palace have been replaced with LEDs

Electricity savings: Since 2018, we’ve reduced our electricity consumption by 15%

Solar energy: Since 2018, we have increased our use of solar energy by 38%

Waste: On average, we keep 99% of our waste out of landfill

Water: Since 2018, we have reduced our water consumption by 41%, enough to fill 62,201 bathtubs

Electric cars: We have a fleet of electric vehicles and two EV charging points at the estate office

Blenheim Green Bank: Community Grants and Loans

We are proud to say we are establishing Blenheim’s Green Bank, which will offer funds for local, community projects to improve sustainability and/or adapt to climate change. By creating a Green Bank, it will allow us to better measure achievements and make support more accessible.

The Blenheim Green Loans would be provided exclusively to constituted bodies, such as Town and Parish Councils and are for larger scale projects. For example, if applicants take up government initiatives (such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme) that would cover only a portion of the cost of a heat pump, they could apply for a Green Bank Loan to cover the remaining capital cost of the project.

The Blenheim Green Community Grants are for smaller scale community projects that promote sustainable environmental benefits, such as planting wildflower verges.

Apply here

Returnable Cups

Our returnable cup scheme is now in place in all our cafés! Why not try it out next time you visit? These cups can be returned, cleaned, and reused up to 1,000 times. Using returnable cups means we have the potential to make a substantial reduction in our annual carbon emissions.

Combatting Climate Change: Blenheim’s biggest battle

Blenheim will revolutionise the way it operates as we join the global fight for the future of our planet.

Our Green Report

For us to make changes that matter, we needed to understand our own footprint. We commissioned a report, with an environment and energy consultancy to calculate our emissions for 2022/2023. Read the report

Help us re-plant a woodland

We’re on a mission to plant 1,000 trees within our World Heritage Site. Sponsor a tree to be planted on your behalf to protect and support our precious ecological system. Sponsor a tree

Our Plan of Action for Change

Our Estate’s Director, Roy Cox, shares more on our plan for change.

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