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Acorns and Oaks

Acorns and Oaks

With 300 years of land management under our belt, we form partnerships with local producers and artisans to bring the best produce from land to larder.

Blenheim stands for three centuries of caring for the land. As we have shown with our bottled spring water, we can do more to translate that legacy of care into great tasting local produce, that also spurs local business vitality. 

By partnering with producers and artisans who share our values, we can bring our unique provenance from the land to the larder. Game, botanicals, grains, even grapes can become charcuterie, gin, bread, wine and beer. 

When we successfully pull together connectivity, health, nature and the climate, we create a unique appeal to our partners, and together we will cultivate new opportunities, skills and jobs, and drive local economic benefits. 

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Blenheim Lamb

We are working with Aldens of Oxford, one of the UK’s longest established family butchers, to offer our lamb to its customers.

Our grassland provides near ideal conditions for our extensive flock to graze throughout the year.

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Blenheim Signature Gin

Created in partnership with the prestigious Sky Wave Gin in their local distillery based in Bicester, our gin features lavender and rosemary picked from our walled gardens, alongside oranges and apples from our own orchards.

Our natural mineral water, drawn from the aquifer on our Estate, is also used in the distilling process to give the gin its distinctive smooth taste. 

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Sponsor a Tree

We’re on a mission to re-plant 1,000 trees within our World Heritage Site. Your purchase will help Blenheim plant and care for one tree, from collecting the seed, nurturing it into a sapling, preparing the land, planting, tending to the growing tree and protecting it well into the future.

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