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3. Build high quality, affordable homes for 300 families

Pye Homes has been part of the local community for 90 years. Its full acquisition by Blenheim this year, has forged a uniquely robust property development operation. We are well on our way to creating the 300 truly affordable new homes outlined in our goal pledge. Unlike many commercial property developers, we are inextricably linked to the local community.

We are building quality homes, responsibly; homes that will enable local people to stay in our community and prosper. We are committed to ensuring that the local area remains a thriving centre of economic activity.

We have a unique moral obligation and desire to improve our shared prosperity. As both the landowners and developers, we are here for the long term. We are passionate about ensuring we build considerately and for lasting benefit. We are as dedicated to building sustainably, as we are to creating aesthetically beautiful homes. This is our legacy, one of which we are inordinately proud.

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