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4. Achieve annual paying visitor numbers in excess of 750,000

950,000 visitors (unpaid and paid) came to Blenheim in the year ended March 2020. The total spend by our visitors outside of our gates was £53m (up from £47m). Our rich and imaginative programme of events, in conjunction with our 300-year heritage, stunning grounds and opulent palace, draws them in from around the world.

Many of our visitors come back time and again, spending an average of £46 each (day visitors) or £58 each (overnight stays) in the local area. We are proud that our visitors contribute so much to the cafés, restaurants and hospitality businesses in the wider area.

Visitor surveys confirmed that once again, our events are the primary reason many of them came to Blenheim this year. The breadth of events spanning art exhibitions, historical tours and grand events such as our magical ‘Christmas at Blenheim’ attracts a delightfully broad visitor demographic and ensures a steady flow of people into the businesses in the surrounding towns and villages.