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Explore the Park and Gardens

The Blenheim Education Outdoors programme offers a range of opportunities for discovery, study and adventure.

Introduction to Blenheim Palace

This programme encourages pupils to look at the shapes, colours and decorations on the palace. Children are asked to count, observe and describe what they see both inside and outside of the house. This visit will focus on basic vocabulary and maths.

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

The Butterfly House, located in the Pleasure Gardens, contains a variety of non-native butterflies and a hatching area. Pupils can learn about the life cycle of the butterfly and will be encouraged to observe the different life stages in the house.

From Field to Fork

Take a tour of the Kitchen Gardens to learn how our Gardens Team grow food for the Duke and his family. The gardeners grow all kinds of vegetables and fruit including some more Mediterranean varieties such as chillies and peaches, which are grown in hot-houses.

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