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Buying a hot drink using a reusable cup is simple!

Buying a hot drink using a reusable cup is simple!

Get involved and do your bit to help reduce
carbon emissions

Join us in our mission to eliminate single-use cups!

Our returnable cup scheme is now in place in all our cafés! Take part in our deposit return scheme at £2.00 per cup for takeaway drinks or receive £1.00 off your hot beverage when you bring your own cup during your visit.

1. Order your drink.
A £2.00 deposit will be added to the price of your takeaway drink. China cups will be available in most of our cafes. Alternatively, you can bring your own cup and we will give you £1.00 off your hot drink order.
2. Enjoy a walk around our parks and gardens with your drink.

Now you can enjoy your drink knowing you’ve made a conscious decision to help save 400,000 single-use coffee cups from disposal. Our cups can be returned, cleaned, and reused up to 1,000 times.

3. When you are finished.

Scan your cup and register your account.

Scan the return point and then scan your cup and pop it in.

Walk away – your deposit will be returned to you within 48 hours.

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We are revolutionising the way we operate as we join the global fight for the future of our planet.

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