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Top Five Winter Photo Spots on our Estate

Discover the top five best photo spots in winter on our Estate!

As winter calls upon us, the ground starts to crunch and the lake begins to freeze, take a walk around our Estate and visit some of the best spots in our Parkland. All of these photo spots are accessible to those with a Palace, Park & Gardens ticket, Park & Garden’s ticket, or your Annual Pass.

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As a monument to the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, the Column of Victory sits inside the Grand Avenue, a collection of Lime Trees which flank our iconic monument. It makes the perfect photo spot on a brisk winter walk. From here, you can see a distant view of the Grand Bridge and the Palace as another picturesque backdrop.

The Grand Bridge is the ideal spot to take in the extensive landscape of ‘Capability’ Brown. Through winter, the mist and fog sit calmy over Queen Pool where you can appreciate the breath-taking view of the Palace to one side and the Column of Victory to the other. 

If you are visiting the Estate through the winter months, ‘the finest view in England’, as said by Winston Churchills father, Randolf Churchill, is the perfect spot for family photo or even just a spot to stand still and take in the scenic views. This view allows you to see the Palace, Grand Bridge and the picturesque landscape of ‘Capability’ Brown. 

This Cedar of Lebanon on the banks of our Great Lake is more famously known as the Harry Potter tree due to its feature in the film Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Before its starring role, the Cedar of Lebanon had been growing on our Estate for over 250 years! Its location provides beautiful view of the Grand Bridge and the North face of the Palace, this makes a must visit photo spot this winter. 

The Cascades make a lovely spot for a break after your 0.75 mile walk around the lake. With this beautiful finish line for a short 35-minute winter walk, it really is a must see. From the Cascades, you can walk back passing the Secret Garden and end up at the Palace where you can grab a hot drink to end your walk!