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The Cascades

The most recent repairs involved temporarily lowering the level of the lake and then dismantling and reinstating the two main protective walls of the cascade, which funnel water into the dam and control its flow. In total approximately 150 metres of the wall needed to be repaired.

Wherever possible the team used the existing stonework, which they retrieved from the lakebed, cleaned and then re-instated. A section of the original apron, made from a mix of sand and clay and used to line the manmade lake, was also replaced. During the project, timbers from the original construction were also re-discovered still in place.



The lake is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is a home to birds - both rare and beautiful, along with many other species of wildlife. The future success of all resident species at Blenheim is dependent on the conservation and maintenance of The Cascades and the Great Lake. We worked closely with West Oxfordshire District Council, our ecologists, Swan Support, the Queen’s Swan Marker and Natural England and we continue to ensure the protection of the birds and wildlife.