For centuries, the Blenheim Palace Estate has been a source of many varied farming activities. 

The arable farm extends to just over 2000 acres, mainly to the north of the Estate. It is farmed in conjunction with a local contractor, growing a traditional rotation of oilseed rape, wheat and oats. All of the land is farmed using the latest technology to deliver the best possible sustainable crops.

The arable farm is responsible for honouring one of the country's largest Environmental Stewardship agreements, enhancing the habitat for farmland birds, flora and fauna.




The Park is home to approximately 1550 ewes, who each year give birth to a total average of 2800 lambs. This part of the farm is overseen by our Head Shepherd, Charles Gerring, and Assistant Shepherd Will Michell.

The grassland within our World Heritage Site is an idyllic area for our extensive flock to graze throughout the year. We lamb outdoors in April to give lambs the best spring grass. Their wool, which is sheared in June each year, is sold to make products such as the beautiful Romney Wool rugs found in our East Courtyard Shop.

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