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One eye on the past and a larger one on the future

As you wander through our Gardens and Parkland you may notice that there are some substantial changes happening.

Our Head Gardener Andy Mills, is leading a project to completely transform or Formal Gardens which will be the biggest change to our landscape in over 100 years.

He has some big aspirations and hopes to bring back the many lost features and elements of the Formal Gardens.

With one eye on the past and a bigger eye on the future, continue reading to discover a list of exciting projects you may see taking place on site:


Italian Garden (5 - 10 year project)

Then: 1920s

   Now: 2023

The Italian Garden is the Duke's private garden and does not have visitor access, although it can still be seen from the South Lawn. The Garden requires some cutting back and the Duck Hedges that once stood out have fallen into the landscape. These will be felled and maintained, allowing them to stand out. The gravel that is currently grey will also be taken out and be replaced with something that complements the Palace’s stone. Even though the garden cannot be entered these changes will significantly enhance the view of the gardens.


The Cascades (5 - 10 year project)

Then: 1890s

Now: 2023

Our Cascades over the years have become overgrown with plants such as Laurel and Topiary – when bringing our landscape back to its original form. Our Gardeners have begun to cut this back and will continue to do this, allowing them to be low shrubs. By maintaining this we have allowed the landscape to become open.  

When opening our Cascades, we discovered a small island. Whilst restoring this island, two bridges will be built forming part of a lost walk that connects to the Cascade Bridge.

Our main aim for this restoration project is to restore the Cascades back to the grandeur that Capability Brown designed it be.


Secret Garden (5 - 10 year project)

Then: 1950s

Now: 2023

Over the past decade, our Secret Garden has become overgrown and has obscured some of the features that used to be on show. We have installed a fence around the perimeter to keep out the wildlife, which will protect the flora inside and allow them to grow and flourish. This is just the start of a 5-10-year project that will bring our Secret Garden back to life and restore the tranquillity our 10th Duke once strived for. 


Water Terraces (5 - 10 year project)

Then: 1920s

Now: 2023

Our Water Terraces, like our Secret Garden and Italian Gardens, have become overgrown and lost their unique definition. To revive the garden, we plan to significantly reduce the hedgerow and restore its original design. Our Head Gardener is determined to restore the artistry of the gardens. Additionally, we will be introducing a new rockery to reflect the one that Capability Brown had designed at our Cascades.


Rose Garden (5 - 10 year project)

Then: 1950s

Now: 2023

Our Rose Garden was once home to a pond located within the centre, however over time the pond was neglected and fell into disuse. With temperatures rising, we have decided to restore the pond and to use it for irrigation, thereby helping to cool the Rose Garden. This will allow our roses to bloom and maintain their splendour for longer periods of time.  

We have also removed the statue that was once situated in the middle of the pond, in order for it to be repaired.

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