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Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

The Museum includes permanent displays on Churchill and his connection to The Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, as well as displays on the Second World War and modern-day conflicts.

To gain access all you need to do is show your Blenheim Palace Annual Pass on entrance to the Museum. It’s a short walk (approx. 10 mins) from the Palace so no need to take your car, just ask one of our Palace hosts and they will give you directions.

Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum currently opens Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am - 5pm and Sundays 2pm - 5pm.

Visit Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Family Activities at Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Alongside personal stories and fascinating objects from the Home Front to the Front Lines, SOFO Museum has lots of ‘hands on’ activities for all ages, with interactives exhibits, trails and uniforms and equipment to handle and try on.

Interactive Exhibits Include:

  • Morse Code Keys - tap out and send your own coded messages in the Secret War display
  • D-Day Horsa Glider - interactive, life size replica section of a glider used on D-Day. Sit inside and hear what is it was like for soldiers dropped into battle on the 6th Jun
  • Mystery Boxes - reach in, feel around, and see if you can work out what the hidden objects are!
  • Dress Up Stations - opportunities throughout the gallery to try on some military clothing and equipment from the Great War to Modern Conflict, immerse yourself in the exhibits!
  • Bloody Battles & Dangerous Diseases - learn about military medicine through interactive puzzles and quizzes
  • Kids’ Art Cart - ‘Make & Take’ activities. Themed colouring sheets and simple paper craft activities. Make your own souvenir to take home!

Gallery & Activity Trails

Activity trails for kids of all ages, explore the galleries and look high and low! - decode the secret messages around the museum, find the hidden ‘bombs’ or try to spot all the trench rats. You can walk through the Great War Trench Dugout , a recreated Trench Dugout representing ‘D Company HQ’ - look through the periscope and see and hear what it was like on the Western Front.

Modern Military Communications

Try out headsets used by soldiers today to send and receive messages. You can also tune in to Secret War Radio - put on the headset and turn the dials to tune in to secret wartime messages!

Blenheim Palace Pass Holders Receive FREE admission to the museum

Valid Blenheim Palace pass holders receive free admission to the museum. Please note: present your pass for scanning,

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