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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to anyone visiting or coming to the site of Blenheim Palace, including ticket holders with:

  • Palace, Park and Gardens tickets
  • Park and Gardens tickets
  • Park-only tickets
  • Annual Passes
  • Privilege Passes
  • Group tickets
  • Blenheim Palace Adventure Play
  • Walking Passes
  • Tickets via 3rd Parties


1. Opening Hours and Ticketing

  1. Opening hours, events and offers are subject to change and at times it may be necessary to restrict access to the facilities. While we will endeavour to publicise any such changes on our website and ticket offices, we strongly advise checking the relevant details by visiting blenheimpalace.com or calling Customer Services before you visit.
  2. Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a ticket or entry to any part of the Blenheim Palace Estate where it is reasonable for us to do so.
  4. Tickets may not be resold.
  5. Any tickets or donation receipts which have been altered or defaced will be void.
  6. Visitors will be admitted upon presentation of a valid ticket.
  7. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult and must always remain under the control or supervision of an adult.
  8. Children under the age of 3 are given free entry to the Palace, Park and Gardens
  9. Entrance to Blenheim Palace Adventure Play, the purchase of a Annual Pass, Palace Park and Garden or Park and Gardens is required. A Blenheim Palace Adventure Play ticket only purchase is not valid for entry.


2. Parkland and wider Estate

  1. By entering the Estate, guests accept that they have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure their own safety, considering any personal medical conditions. All persons in and around the Estate should always behave in a safe manner.
  2. Please be aware that there are some areas in and around the Palace and grounds, which are not level and areas where visitors could fall. Rather than put up signs to spoil your view or to restrict access to these areas, we want to keep things just as they were intended years ago. This relies on our visitors being alert to these potential issues and particularly keeping young children nearby and safe.
  3. Blenheim Palace shall have no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by you or occurring to any items belonging to you, other than in the event of death or personal injury occurring to you as the result of Blenheim Palace's negligence. Blenheim Palace will not be responsible for any loss or any expense due to circumstances beyond Blenheim Palace’s control.
  4. Vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk. We take no responsibility for damage caused to any vehicle using the car park and no guarantee is given as to the security of guests’ vehicles in the car park or any contents. No vehicles are permitted to remain in the Estate outside the normal operating hours without the prior express permission of the Estate. For some of our large events a parking fee may apply.
  5. All dogs must be always kept on a lead in all areas of the Estate.
  6. With the exception of the annual Family Cycling Day, cycling is not permitted within the Blenheim Palace Estate, other than on the public bridleway and when arriving at and leaving Blenheim Palace on the roads leading to the Palace from the gates.
  7. The use of BBQs - disposable or otherwise - is not permitted on site. Visitors are welcome to bring their own picnics, and we ask that visitors dining in the Park do not litter by using the bins provided or taking their litter home.
  8. The following items are prohibited within the boundary of the premises: weapons, ammunition, explosives, horns, whistles, drums, fireworks, flagpoles, banners, balloons, sporting equipment, large umbrellas or any other item which in our reasonable opinion may cause danger or disruption to any event, to other visitors, staff, or resident wildlife.


3. Palace and Gardens

  1. We may conduct security searches of persons, clothing, bags and other items, both on entry and exit to protect your safety and that of other visitors and staff.
  2. Dogs are not permitted in the Walled Garden, Blenheim Palace Adventure Play, Formal Gardens or Palace, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  3. Visitors are not permitted to bring food and beverages into the Palace.
  4. The use of tripods or selfie sticks is not allowed inside the Palace.
  5. Large bags and rucksacks are not allowed inside the Palace or the Private Apartments.
  6. We do not tolerate abuse of staff for any reason, and we may terminate the visit in the event of abusive behaviour.


4. Filming and Photography

  1. As a condition of ticket purchase, visitors to Blenheim Palace consent to being photographed, filmed or sound recorded for use on TV, websites, social media, DVD, webcast, promotional materials, or other public mediums, as part of the audience, or by security CCTV. CCTV cameras are used throughout the Estate to assist with the safety and security of our visitors, staff and property. Signs are put up to make visitors aware of when filming and photography is taking place. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please do not remain in the area being filmed or photographed.
  2. Flying of drones is not permitted onsite, and any unauthorised drone use can result in a significant fine and prosecution of the drone pilot.
  3. Commercial photography and filming in the Blenheim Palace Estate may not be publicly distributed without prior permission of Blenheim Palace.
  4. Except where a wedding has taken place in Blenheim Palace, celebration photography which includes, engagement, pregnancy, birthday, anniversary, or anything else deemed a celebration by Blenheim Palace, is not permitted within the Blenheim Palace Estate unless the prior consent of Blenheim Palace has been obtained. Charges will be incurred by any photographers who come to site without prior permission.


5. Child Safeguarding Policy Statement

Blenheim Palace offers a family orientated experience, and we are committed to creating a safe and secure environment which ensures all children can enjoy themselves and that prevents children being at risk from any form of harm or abuse.


6. Blenheim Palace Adventure Play

  1. We here at Blenheim Palace Estate believe that adventure play should never be completely risk free. Playing and learning go hand in hand and feeding that curiosity via adventure play gives children a massive sense of achievement. We have created an adventure play experience that not only encourages children to be active and have fun, but that also feeds their inquisitiveness about the world around them. Blenheim Palace Adventure Play has been designed with that very much in mind and as such the risk of injury from this activity may happen.
  2. When purchasing tickets for Blenheim Palace Adventure Play you accept the following waiver:

By purchasing a ticket for Blenheim Palace Adventure Play, I acknowledge that my/the child’s participation in the activity and assume all the risks of the child participating in the activity including but not limited to any accidents, slips, falls, negligent acts of other participants or effects of weather, and I hereby confirm that I understand that participating is a potentially hazardous activity in which injuries could occur. I also acknowledge that such risks cannot be eliminated entirely without jeopardising the essential qualities of the activity and that while rules, equipment and self-discipline may reduce the risks, the risk of injury does still exist.

3. Our staff are responsible for the monitoring and usage of the equipment. Parents and guardians are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of their children at all times.

4. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 18 and over) when visiting Blenheim Palace Adventure Play. The responsible adult must always remain with the child.

5. No children will be allowed to attend without an adult and vice versa.


7. Annual Pass Conversion

  1. This offer is not valid for Park and Gardens tickets or tickets purchased through a third party.
  2. This offer is not available for tickets purchased as a gift.
  3. Annual Passes are valid from the time of purchase for 12-months, during normal Palace opening times.
  4. A valid Annual Pass must be shown on entry on every visit.
  5. Possession of an Annual Pass entitles the bearer only to admission.
  6. Annual Passes can only be used by the person making the donation and cannot be transferred.
  7. Annual Passes are not valid for separately ticketed events in Blenheim Palace, including but not limited to the Salon Privé event normally held in September.
  8. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other special offer, themed or garden tour or group.
  9. Annual Passes do not include access to events organised by Blenheim Palace Hospitality.
  10. If you have forgotten your Annual Pass, please phone ahead to inform us of your arrival. If you do not do so, you may be charged the full entry price at the gate.


8. Following COVID, we have kept some measures in place to ensure that our visitors and staff feel safe while onsite. We will continue to:

  1. Provide sanitiser and hand washing facilities across the site.
  2. Operate a cashless system.
  3. Undertake increased cleaning of our facilities, surfaces and touch points.
  4. Monitor and increase ventilation.


Blenheim Palace is a trading name of the Blenheim Palace Heritage Foundation VAT NO 195 2677 24 blenheimpalace.com registered charity 1166164.