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Five wellness walks around Blenheim Estate

Counteract the winter blues with the natural mood-lifting antidote of a walk in the parkland.

Discover why getting out and about might just be the best thing for you

Discover our top five most peaceful places where you can take a few minutes to simply be in the moment, put everyday stresses aside and allow your senses to take over. Treat yourself to a comfy seat and start planning out your 'me time'.

The Secret Garden

Our worst-kept secret here at Blenheim Palace, this is the perfect secluded spot where winding paths lead to bridges over tranquil water. When Blenheim Palace opened to visitors, the 10th Duke of Marlborough asked his team to build a private garden where he could enjoy some peace and quiet within the ‘jungle’ of plants, trees, pools, and streams. Today it’s called The Secret Garden and was opened to the public in 2004. It’s the ideal spot to sit on a bench amidst the botanical surroundings and listen to nature.

The Finest View and Queen Pool loop

England's finest view had to be on our list, as you take a wander in from the neighboring town of Woodstock you can’t help but to stop and take in the iconic sight of the Vanbrugh-designed Grand Bridge and the picturesque 18th-century Baroque inspired Palace. There is a short walk that loops you around right to the Palace's front doors and back again. Why not see how many loops you can do whilst listening to your favorite feel-good album? Or see how many birds you can spot? Blenheim Palace is known for our resident ducks, distinct black masks and vibrant siskins as well as lots more.

The Cascades and Formal Gardens

Designed in the 1760s by architect and designer Lancelot ’Capability’Brown, The Cascades is one of the best places to unwind and escape. Beginning in The Formal Gardens, visitors can take the gentle 0.75-mile walk towards one of our greatest views. You certainly won’t need your headphones when visiting our Cascades - take a hot drinks flask along, stop to listen to the sounds of rushing water and watch it flow over the rocks. How many different types of trees can you spot? Did you see something you usually would not have seen today? If you're lucky you may even spot a heron seeking out his dinner.

View from The Column of Victory

Ever wondered what it feels like to start your day watching the sunrise over the Palace? The Column of Victory is the perfect place to watch the sun peek through the clouds on a bitterly cold day. It’s also a stunning spot to watch the sun fall behind the building at twilight on a frosty evening. The view from the Column of Victory is a short uphill walk that will boost your heart rate, get your blood pumping and certainly blow away the cobwebs on a windy day. You'll likely be kept company by the sheep that often graze at the base of the Column.

Perimeter Walk

For those who want more of a challenge, our Park PerimeterWalk is the perfect starting point. This is a 4.6-mile circular walk, crossing some steep slopes, taking in our ancient oaks, and a whole new world of wildlife. For some of us, taking time to reflect and be peaceful can often be difficult. This walk is equal parts challenging and relaxing, whilst still giving you the time outdoors your body needs. Whether you're taking a solitary stroll, walking the dog, getting little ones out of the house or going for a morning jog, there's something about being in woodlands under a canopy of trees that is a real treat for the senses.

Get outside this year

Fighting off the winter blues can often be difficult but getting outside even just for a little while is the best way to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and loneliness, as well as benefiting your physical health. Replace strict gym schedule intentions with the simple aim of being kind to yourself and giving your mind and body the care it needs. On your next walk here take the time for yourself to be fully present in the moment, whether that's greeting a passer-by, looking up at the trees or listening to the birdsong. During these colder months, share your wellbeing journey with us on our social media channels using the hashtag #BeingAtBlenheim.

Find the perfect walk for your wellbeing here…

Walks on our Estate

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