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We've launched a £50,000 Bursary for Local Projects and Charities

Funding will be available to local charities and projects within a 20-mile radius of Blenheim.

Applications can be submitted from November 1st 2018 until January 31st 2019. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of February 2019  with funds being made available from April 1st 2019.

Blenheim’s Stephanie Duncan said:

“As part of our 10-Year Plan we are committed to doubling our charitable contributions to the community and the new charity bursary will enable us to allocate funding for charities and community projects going forward.
"We will strive to distribute the contributions amongst those applications that most represent a positive impact and benefit to the local area. Applications are welcome across charity and community projects, including education, infrastructure, transport and charity,” she added.

We have donated to the Woodstock Youth Club who received over £5,000, The Wooton-by-Woodstock Playground Project who were given £10,000 and Cassington Primary School, who have received £5,000.

Further donations include Cassington Village Sports Pavilion will soon receive £5,000 and Long Hanborough Playgroup will also receive £7,500.

Other projects which have received charitable donations from us include the refurbishment of St Mary’s Church in Woodstock and the creation of a new community garden at St Hugh of Lincoln by the Estate’s Gardens Team.

A recently published study by Oxford Brookes Business School outlined that we have donated £1.6m to charities in 2017-18, a 52 per cent increase on the previous year.