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Did you go straight into your Apprenticeship from school, if no what did you do previous to this role?

I was originally going to do carpentry at Blackbird Leys college. But I failed my maths gcse first go round so I went to sixth for for half a year then lockdown happened and I never went back.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I was in college doing bricklaying for around half a year before I started looking for an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship opened up for pye homes and I applied.

Why did you choose Pye Homes and what attracted you to our apprenticeship scheme?

I chose Pye Homes because one of the office ladies at my college came down to see me in the workshop and let me know that Pye Homes had an apprenticeship program available.

What are your key roles/responsibilities?

To develop the skills and knowledge of a bricklayer. Assisting tradesmen delivering a wide range of bricklaying duties whether it’s building a new home or repairing damaged walls.

What do you like best about the job?

The thing I like most about this job is the people you have around you. Always up for a laugh. Easy to talk to and fun to be around.

How are you finding the apprenticeship and how is it helping you progress?

I’m enjoying my apprenticeship and it is helping me progress a lot because I feel a bit more confident in myself and I’m learning a lot more on site than I have at college.

What do you hope to gain and once your apprenticeship has finished?

Once my apprenticeship has finished I hope to have a career in bricklaying.

Ewan Jenkins

Pye Homes