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Did you go straight into your Apprenticeship from school, if no what did you do previous to this role?

Yes, I entered this role straight from doing my A levels

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I wanted the experience and knowledge of what Blenheim could offer me. I have had past jobs which revolve around customer service, and I have loved these jobs and loved to interact with people. I am also extremely interested in social media and marketing as I took business and media A levels which I enjoyed.

Why did you choose Blenheim Palace and what attracted you to our apprenticeship scheme?

I chose Blenheim as my place of work as I have been an annual pass holder ever since I can remember – there are pictures of me as a baby here and I even enjoyed my 18th birthday here. The staff are always pleasant, kind and bubbly so it was a no brainer! I also liked the role that Blenheim were offering ‘customer service and social media apprentice’.

What are your key roles/responsibilities?

My key roles and responsibilities are to respond to online reviews, help draft ideas to twitter – Instagram - Facebook – Trip advisor etc. and assist the customer service team.

What do you like best about the job?

What I like best about the job is that we have flexible days, and we get the chance to work both virtually and in person. We also have the versatility of being able to do a wide variety of tasks, so we are always challenged. Blenheim is supportive and realizes that their employees are their greatest asset.

How are you finding the apprenticeship and how is it helping you progress?

I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship and it is helping my progress within the social media and customer service role as it allows me to do things that I wouldn’t have normally done within this role such as future shadowing days – and gaining more knowledge of our policies. I also have a great team that can help to support me.

What do you hope to gain and once your apprenticeship has finished?

I hope to gain my qualification as well as more in-depth knowledge of Blenheim and my roles here.

Ella King

Customer Service Team

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