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Charlie Sparkes

Pye Homes
Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Did you go straight into your Apprenticeship from school, if no what did you do previous to this role?

Yes I came straight from school at 16.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I applied for an Apprenticeship as I wanted to continue to learn and also earn some money. I knew I wanted to work outdoors and I struggle in a Classroom setting.

Why did you choose Pye Homes and what attracted you to our apprenticeship scheme?

I applied to Pye Homes as I knew that PYE and Blenheim Estates are a well known Company and on completion of my Apprenticeship other employers will know that I have been trained well.

What are your key roles/responsibilities?

I am learning a lot on the job, and really enjoy this part of the Apprenticeship. I have learnt how to Hod Carry and am also learning the skill of bricklaying. I have to also keep the site tidy.

What do you like best about the job?

The bit I enjoy the best is working with the Team. I also have bricklayers that are helping me and want me to do well. I enjoy the physical part of the job.

How are you finding the apprenticeship and how is it helping you progress?

I am enjoying working, and it's making me think for myself on site.

What do you hope to gain and once your apprenticeship has finished?

I hope that I can go straight into a bricklaying role and gain some experience. In the long term I want to be self employed.