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5. Become a net generator of green energy

Within the next seven years, our goal was to become a net generator of green energy. We know that the actions we take today in this regard will help protect our natural resources for the future. We are thrilled that with the planned addition of a 7Mw solar generation facility in the North East of the Estate, in fact we are on target to achieve this by 2022 due to our use of biomass, solar, hydro power and various other green technologies.

The recent installation of 196 solar panels near the site of our bottling plant and rural offices is set to generate 50kW of electricity and save the bottling plant around £4500, a year

Our biopower (replacing two old, inefficient boilers) generates 250kW, providing enough green energy to power our Pleasure Gardens facilities, greenhouses and offices. At the Bladon Cascade, a 10-metre Closed Compact Screw system is supplying homes on the Estate with 78,000 kWh of energy

Whilst clearly of huge benefit from an environmental and sustainability perspective, an additional key benefit is that the money saved by energy inefficiencies can be re-directed to our other projects.

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