Restoration and Conservation Tours

10th January - 9th February

We are currently engaged in a program of deep cleaning and conservation in order to maintain the palace and its collections as part of our commitment as custodians of this World Heritage site.

Every year, over a six-week period, every part of the Blenheim Palace collection is meticulously cleaned and maintained using a range of methods, both modern and traditional.

They are then placed back in situ for our guests to admire. You will be able to see our team in action as the Palace remains open through the winter. We hope you enjoy exploring the State Rooms and seeing how we care for our treasures.


Event Information

  • Tickets required
    A Palace, Park and Gardens ticket or valid Annual Pass is required for this event. Book your place at the Welcome Desk, Chapel Room or Front Door Desk.
  • Date 10th January - 9th February
  • Time 11.30 and 14.30 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Annual Pass Free with Annual Pass

Palace, Park and Gardens

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The Annual Deep Clean

The Annual Deep Clean