An Oxford Playhouse Production of ‘The History Of Everything’

The Oxford Playhouse Tent is going on tour and bringing the whole of history with them.

Everything you ever wanted to know about everything ... ever. Join their two tour guides of time as they go on a silly, surreal and speedy sixty-minute hurtle through history.

Packed with facts and fit-to-bursting with fun, this brings history to life with a bubbling mix of storytelling, comedy, music, puppets and more.

Last year, their Tent visited festivals, parks and schools across Oxfordshire, bringing theatre, craft and family fun to over 4,000 people. 

Join us for a great big blast through the past for everyone aged 4 to 11 and their families.

For further information contact 01865 305305 or go to

Event Information

Located in the Pleasure Gardens.
  • Tickets required
    Palace, Park and Gardens, Park and Gardens or an Annual Pass.
  • Date 29th & 30th June
  • Time 11.00, 13.30 & 16.00 Saturday performances 11.00 & 13.30 Sunday performances
  • Annual Pass Free with Annual Pass

Palace, Park and Gardens

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Park and Gardens

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