Mindful Movement at Blenheim Palace

Wednesday 27th July 2022

Join Tina, and other Tai Chi Chih accredited teachers, in Blenheim Palace's beautiful Marlborough room to learn self-help skills to build resistance to stress in your hectic daily life. Sitting or standing, follow the simple rocking movements, breath exercises and grounding techniques to release tension in the body, bringing the 'worry' mind 'to heel'. As we focus our minds to feel the earth beneath, we become more aware of nature and how we all interconnect - standing on the same Earth.

This is a fundraising workshop - all profits going to Oxfordshire mental health charity, Restore, and it's Oxfordshire Recovery College (to help people recover with hope, opportunity and control in their personal and work lives).

Find peace and joy with Tai Chi

The techniques you will learn are an opportunity to bring physical, mental and emotional balance into your life. Soft circular body motion, focusing mindfully on the present moment and yogic breathing techniques, allows you to pause and decide how best to respond to challenging siutations. Anchoring or grounding the mind in the soles of the feet can help you feel more stable in times of change or stress and feel more connected to the earth.

Tina will help you become aware of where you hold the tension in your body, so you can soften and gently release it using a body scan, as well as the relaxing, meditative Tai Chi Chih moves. You might even find that combining techniques learned in this workshop can help you visualise discharging any unwanted emotional energy to the ground (turning the dial down on the emotion to prevent feeling overwhelmed). Overall you will leave with a toolbox of easily accessible ways of bringing mindful awareness into your daily life, whilst on the move! Many people who attend Tina's sessions tell her they gain a sense of peace and joy to take into the rest of their day.

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Create space for peace and joy with Tai Chi. All profits going to Oxfordshire mental health charity, Restore. Book your place

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Connect to nature with Tai Chi Tina.
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  • Date Wednesday 27th July 2022
  • Time 10.00 - 12.00
  • Price £15 for adults, £10 for children