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Laurence Edwards’ five Walking Men

Laurence Edwards’ five Walking Men

Bronze, 2018-2022, each h.240 cm

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Laurence Edwards’ five Walking Men

Friday 29th March - Sunday 10th June 2024

The figures in British sculptor Laurence Edwards’ Walking Men are anti-heroic and seem to have come from the earth itself. Branches, leaves and clods of clay are woven through them, making it unclear where human and ground begin and end. The raw materials from which they have been cast, have been pushed, pulled and gouged into shape with a visceral energy that makes the artist’s act of creation palpable.

The figures could be futuristic post-apocalyptic survivors or equally from an ancient mythological world. Powerfully expressive, their uncertain demeanours reflect current human anxieties, and yet cast in bronze they also seem enduring and timeless. Edwards comments:

“These five 8ft ancient bronze figures pass through an iconic English view, on their search for a place, where have they come from, where are they going, what are they thinking?”

Installation Information

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    The five Walking Men are located on the South Lawn

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    Entrance is free with an Annual or Privilege Pass, or you will need a Park and Gardens or Palace, Park and Gardens day ticket.

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    Friday 29th March - Sunday 10th June 2024