Restoration and Conservation Tours

Learn about the work we do on the magnificent rooms and artefacts, hearing from experts on the methods we use to restore and repair the building and collections within it. 

The tour is free with your Palace, Park and Gardens ticket or Annual Pass. All funds that we raise through admission charges are invested back into these ongoing restoration and conservation projects that keep the Palace, its contents and its surroundings as glorious today as they have always been.

Tours are running twice a day on selected dates in January and early February and last around 45 minutes.

Join us at the bottom of the Palace steps at 12.00 or 14.00 on the dates given below.

What to expect on your tour

  • Find out how the collection is cared for in the Palace,
  • See conservation cleaning in progress (subject to schedules),
  • Find out how tapestries, paintings, clocks, and the actual structure of the building are brought back to their original condition, and
  • Learn how we achieve all of the above with the limitations of budgets and constant visitor flow.

Tour details

No need to book, just meet at the bottom of the Palace steps at the times given.
  • Tickets required
    Palace, Park & Gardens
  • Date 5th January to 6th February inclusive
  • Time 12.00 and 14.00
  • Price Free with valid ticket
  • Annual Pass Free with Annual Pass

Find out how we conserve 300 years of history...