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Upcoming Catering Outlet Closures

The opening hours of our Catering Outlets may vary.
Please see the table below for more details.

Our Catering opening hours may vary. Please check the table below to review closure dates before planning your visit.

Catering Outlet Closed 
The Walled Garden Pizzeria

Monday 25th April - Wednesday 27th April

Tuesday 3rd May - Wednesday 4th May

Monday 9th May - Wednesday 11th May

The Stables Cafe

Monday 25th April - Tuesday 26th April

Monday 9th May - Tuesday 9th May

Saturday 14th May

Monday 16th May - Tuesday 17th May

The Churchill Cabin

Monday 25th April - Friday 29th May

Tuesday 3rd May - Friday 6th May

Monday 9th May - Saturday 14th May

Monday 16th May - Friday 20th May

The Orangery

Saturday 14th May



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The Long Library