Park & Gardens

The picture-perfect British stately home of Blenheim Palace sits among more than 2000 acres of extraordinary landscaped Parkland and Formal Gardens. 

The inspired work of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown has created a lasting legacy in the Park at Blenheim Palace. The visionary master landscaper constructed the Great Lake and planted thousands of trees in his ten-year tenure here, engineering a landscape that appears natural but is actually 'contrived to pleasing effect'.

The Park is now home to several Sites of Special Scientific Interest including the Great Lake and the ancient oaks in High Park. 

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Park & Gardens

A Walk in the Park

Discover the beauty of our designed landscape on one of our recommended walks.

There are a variety of routes to explore throughout the Park and Gardens. If you are planning to spend the day with us, why not follow the path around the Park Perimeter and spot the abundance of wildlife that have made their homes here?

There are also routes through the Formal Gardens (shown in the video above) and around the scenic Queen Pool to explore. Click the button below to find out more.


Points of Interest

The Park is home to hidden treasures of all kinds.

Vanbrugh's Grand Bridge spans the Great Lake, with glorious views on all sides. The historic site of Woodstock Manor, marked by a small plinth, is a perfect spot to enjoy a picnic. The Column of Victory, topped by a statue of the first Duke of Marlborough, surveys the Park from a height of 41m (134ft).

Rosamund's Well, tucked away next to a quiet part of the Great Lake, is believed to have originally been a bathing place that King Henry ll built for his mistress, the ‘Fair’ Rosamund Clifford. Designed by 'Capability' Brown in the 1760s, the Grand Cascade at the western end of the Great Lake is one of England's most picturesque waterfalls. 

Walk in Churchill's footsteps: Discover Sir Winston Churchill's most cherished places including the spot where he proposed to Clementine Hozier.

Park & Gardens
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