5th Duke of Marlborough

The one who reclaimed the Churchill name

Duke from 1817 - 1840

George Spencer-Churchill was authorised by royal decree to take the name of Churchill so that the name of the 1st Duke lived on in his descendents. This made him the first of the Spencer-Churchills.

During his time as the Duke, Blenheim Palace’s fortunes were at a low point. The 5th Duke spent vast sums of money on the Gardens, buying rare plants and flowers, particularly orchids. He also created a whole range of specialist gardens that have since all since disappeared, with the exception of the Rose Garden, which was restored by the 11th Duke.

He did, however, leave a legacy by decorating the former Arcade Rooms with exquisite panoramic wallpaper depicting a tiger hunt in India. This wallpaper (in what is now known as the Indian Room) has recently been restored - find out more.

6th Duke of Marlborough

5th Duke of Marlborough
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