3rd Duke of Marlborough

The one who died on campaign in Europe

Duke from 1733 - 1758

Charles Spencer inherited the Dukedom from his aunt, Henrietta, in 1733. The 3rd Duke led the British expeditionary force on Continental Europe in the early part of the Seven Years’ War, but died in 1758. He is the only Duke of Marlborough to have died on campaign.

He lived at Blenheim Palace only occasionally, preferring instead to live at Langley Park, his Buckinghamshire home.

One of Charles' daughters was called Lady Diana Spencer. Sarah, the 1st Duchess, hoped Diana would marry the Prince of Wales, but her ambition was never fulfilled. Just like her descendant Diana, Princess of Wales, Lady Diana died young.

The late Princess Diana was a direct descendant of the 1st Duke of Marlborough. The Earls Spencer are descendants of Charles’s younger brother John.

4th Duke of Marlborough

3rd Duke of Marlborough
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