1st Duke of Marlborough

The one who built Blenheim Palace

Duke from 1702 - 1722

John Churchill was born on 26th May 1650, to Winston Churchill and his wife Elizabeth Drake. Churchill, a royalist, had been fined heavily by Oliver Cromwell at the end of the Civil War, but the family’s fortunes took a turn for the better when Charles II was restored to the throne.

In 1665, Winston Churchill’s eldest daughter, Arabella (John’s sister), became Maid of Honour to Anne Hyde, the Duchess of York. Some months later she was joined by John, as page to the Duchess' husband, James. This in turn led to the start of John’s brilliant military career and under the sovereignty of Queen Anne he defeated the French at the Battle of Blenheim,cduring the War of Spanish Succession. It was this victory that secured for John Churchill the means to build a monument to his military prowess and also gave rise to our name.

2nd Duchess of Marlborough

1st Duke of Marlborough
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