We have a number of trails available for students and families to take, allowing you to independently explore the Palace, Formal Gardens and Parkland and learn more about your surroundings.

To download each resource, click the corresponding title.

Log book

Great for primary schoolchildren, print this fun activity book for your visit to the Park and Gardens.

Courtyard Capers

Aimed at secondary school pupils, this trail encourages you to explore the East Courtyard, Great Court, the Chapel and the Water Terraces. This trail is also available in a number of other languages - ask our Education Team for more details.

I-Spy Architecture

Suitable for children of all ages, this trail looks in detail at the Palace itself, encouraging students and families to identify its architectural features.


Key Stage One Maths

This trail explores the maths inside the Palace. It encourages pupils to use their skills for counting, identifying shapes, angles and more.

Key Stage Two Maths

This trail encourages students to use their mathematical skills in the grounds surrounding the Palace.

Key Stage Three Maths

This trail encourages students to explore the Park and use their mathematics skills. Exercises cover the use of formulae, calculating speed and distance and bonus tasks.

The Tree Trail

Take your primary school class or family on this trail to discover more about the trees in the Parkland.

Tree Detectives: Noises Amongst the Trees

This activity encourages young children to use their sense of hearing to identify various sounds on their visit.


This trail allows students and families to explore the history of the grounds surrounding the Palace and identify particular features on the monuments you see.


Have a walk around the Parkland to test your geographical skills and knowledge, including mapping, navigation and physical geography, and how to identify features of the landscape.


This trail gives a deep insight into some of the portraits in the Blenheim Palace Collection.

Garden Detectives: The Secret Garden

Designed for primary schools, this trail takes pupils on a journey of discovery through the Secret Garden.

Garden Detectives: The Pleasure Gardens

This trail encourages visitors to explore the Pleasure Gardens, our family-friendly area.

Garden Detectives: The Water Terraces

This trail allows our younger visitors to explore The Water Terraces and identify shapes and patterns in the architecture, as well as learning about their history.



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