The ‘Capability’ Brown Dam


Project cost: £1,800,000

The dam was constructed between 1764 and 1774 by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown to hold back the waters of the River Glyme, and to create the centre of his landscape at the end of the Blenheim Lake. Owing to the age of the dam and the requirements of the Reservoirs Act, repairs and engineering works to strengthen it were deemed essential.

The works were carried out between May and October 2009, and addressed two areas:

  • Essential repairs were required to the core along the length of the of the dam to stop a number of significant leaks
  • Upgrading and strengthening works as required under the Reservoirs Act to allow the dam to withstand a 1 in 10,000 year weather event.

On completion of the project, 36,000 daffodils were planted around the dam, making it a spectacular attraction every spring.

The ‘Capability’ Brown Dam
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