A Year in the Life of a Blenheim Palace Apprentice

Pre-start and Week One: Induction

Before you start, all apprentices will attend an apprenticeship workshop. This is an opportunity to receive useful advice and information and to ask any questions you may have about personal finances, travel arrangements or anything else you might be worried about. 

You'll sit down with your manager and create your individual learning and development plan and set your objectives. These are designed to guide you through your year with us and allow you and your manager to dicuss the skills and competencies you are aiming to achieve. You'll also receive a tour of the Estate and undergo induction training.

A Year in the Life of a Blenheim Palace Apprentice
A Year in the Life of a Blenheim Palace Apprentice

Week 50 - 52: End of Apprenticeship appraisal

In the final weeks, you will be preparing to finish your Apprenticeship after what has hopefully been a rewarding and memorable experience. There will be a summary of what you have learned and, along with your training provider, you will finalise your development plan and complete your objectives.

You'll also have an exit interview where you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback in order to help us deal with any issues and keep the scheme the best it can be.

Final Week: Award ceremony

To mark the success of all of our Apprentices we hold an award ceremony for you and your family in the magnificent Palace itself; an honourable venue for an honourable award.

Note: This is an example of an Apprenticeship scheme and some courses may be longer.

Week two - nine: Work starts

This is when the hard work, and hopefully the fun starts! Learning on the job every day, you will be visited by your training provider who will see how you are settling in. 

Mentors and 'buddies' will be there to help you make the most of your experience and to oversee your personal and professional development. Of course, there will be regular reviews with your manager to make sure everything is going well and that you are happy.

Week 10 - 49: On-the-job training

By this stage, you will be more comfortable and confident in what you are doing, and all of our positive progress will be regularly recorded. Without even realising it, you will be developing your Apprenticeship-standard competencies, skills, attitudes and behaviours. Our approachable HR Team also gets involved and helps with career advice, that all-important CV, and interview preparation for when your apprenticeship finishes.

A Year in the Life of a Blenheim Palace Apprentice
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