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David Green

Head of Innovation

How long have you worked at Blenheim?

I started at Blenheim for the first time in 1994 at 16. I left in 1998 and returned full-time in 2005.

What made you want to work at Blenheim?

I started working at Blenheim at a very young age, and my longstanding connection with the place and its people brought me back later in my career. I have watched Blenheim evolve over time, and the people are what make it a very special place to be.

Tell us a bit about your role:

My role is split into three main themes:
  • I work with teams to promote new ideas that create value through cost and time savings, income generation or process transformation
  • To deliver live data throughout the business from our systems and networks to generate a better understanding of our operations
  • To identify new ways to improve our customer experiences

What is your career highlight/most memorable moment so far?

So many! Giving Sylvester Stallone a tour of the private apartments is high up there.

What is your favourite thing about coming to work each day?

We are making history. Blenheim continually evolves and new challenges present new opportunities. Believing that the things we do now, will make such a difference to future generations is very exciting.

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