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Charles Gerring

Head Shepherd

How long have you worked at Blenheim?

"25 years."

What made you want to work at Blenheim?

"An opportunity to work at lambing in 1992 when I was self employed was the catalyst. I soon realised that Blenheim was a great place to work and the following year I was offered a full time job as the Assistant Shepherd."

Tell us a bit about your role:

"I am responsible for the management of the sheep flock and everything that goes with that role, from selecting the breeding stock to grazing management. This includes managing the grazing of the parkland to keep the flock in grass, and to keep the world heritage site looking good."

What is your career highlight/most memorable moment so far?

"Being appointed Head Shepherd and being on BBC Countryfile showing what we do on the farm to the general public."

What is your favourite thing about coming to work each day?

“To be able to work in the park, it always looks great whatever time of year but especially in the spring when there is new life, from the lambs being born to all the trees bursting in to life.”

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