Annual Pass FAQs

Find frequently asked questions regarding our Annual Pass.

I don’t want to give my Palace, Park & Gardens admission fee as a donation. Can I still claim an Annual Pass?

Annual Passes cannot be issued following a non-donation entry. To claim and benefit from an Annual Pass, we ask that you kindly agree to donate the cost of your admission to the Blenheim Palace Heritage Foundation Charity. This costs you nothing extra, but makes a big difference to us.

This does not apply to Annual Pass Gift Cards, Dining Experience Gift Vouchers, Press Tickets and Competition Prize Tickets, all of which are eligible for conversion to Annual Passes if it says so on your voucher.

I want to donate my admission fee but I am not eligible to Gift Aid my donation. Can I still get an Annual Pass?

Yes. As long as you have donated your admission fee on arrival, you can claim an Annual Pass whether you add Gift Aid to your donation or not. Gift Aid simply allows us to claim money back from the government on tax that you have already paid, enabling us to undertake more vital restoration and conservation projects and maintain our World Heritage Site for generations to come.

What are my options for converting my donation voucher to an Annual Pass after my visit?

The easiest way to convert your donation voucher to an Annual Pass is on site with our Annual Pass Team. If you cannot convert on site for any reason, you can convert online within 14 days of your visit. Click here to go to our conversion page and make sure you're eligible.

You must have donated your admission at the point of purchase to be able to claim an Annual Pass. Donations cannot be accepted after this point either on site or online.

Can I get a free Annual Pass if I have received a discount on my admission?

Yes, as long as you agree to donate your discounted admission fee on arrival, and the discount is offered by Blenheim Palace and not any third party.

Can I get a free Annual Pass if I have used Tesco Club card vouchers to get admission?

Yes, this is now possible for tickets purchased after 11th June 2018. After you have swapped your vouchers for admission on the Tesco Clubcard website, enter your code when buying Palace, Park and Gardens tickets.

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I have lost my Annual Pass. What should I do?

A £5.00 fee will apply to replace your annual pass, this can be paid for on your next visit, after which your new pass can be collected at the Annual Pass Kiosk. Or contact the Annual Pass Team on 01993 815623 or email to arrange for a replacement.

Can I buy Annual Pass Gift Vouchers?

 Yes. You can do so either online here, during the payment process and at the Annual Pass Kiosk in the East Courtyard. View our Map here

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How do I let you know if I have changed my details?

 Please contact the Annual Pass Team on 01993 810530 or email