Four years ago we carried out restoration to the south front steps of the Palace as they were moving away from the Palace. A similar issue is presenting itself on the other side of the Palace with the steps in front of the main entrance.

The North Steps are showing significant signs of movement and deterioration; cracks have appeared indicating that they are gradually moving away from the main portico. A project is proposed to both stabilise and repair the steps.

Whilst working in this area we will also be looking to address other issues including the damage to the stone on north facing fronts of the pediments in the courtyard and the water ingress problems in the Undercroft of the Palace.

We have carried out extensive investigations into this area and believe the problem in part is caused by a layer of clay used in the original construction having shrunk or otherwise moved, unfortunately we will be unable to fully identify the cause of the problem until the steps are lifted. The first phase of the project is due to run through from December 2016 to the end of May 2017, subsequent phases may be required to the pediments to either side depending upon what we find. 

Estimated project cost: £350,000