Blenheim Palace
The Saloon
The Saloon

The Saloon

This is the State Dining Room, with walls and ceilings painted by French decorative artist Louis Laguerre. This room is still used by the Duke and his family every Christmas, when they have their Christmas dinner here. This event space is perfect for dinner or a drinks reception, and offers a unique and luxurious dining experience. Combine the Palace Dining Room with the Great Hall for a drinks reception for up to 250 guests or dinner for up to 150 guests.

Venue Details & Prices

 Venue Details   Room Hire Prices 
 Length 13.3m  Combined with the Great Hall from £16,560 
 Width 9.9m  Combined with the Great Hall & Long Library from £29,520 
 Reception 150 guests    
 Dinner 80 guests  

Please note these prices are for room hire only and exclude equipment, food, drinks, decorations and any additional elements.

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“The event was especially memorable to our guests and the venue lived up to its magic”

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